Mobile Command Center – What You Need Know

When you think of a Mobile Command Center, you might envision a small office, outfitted with telephones, computers, video surveillance equipment and other necessary computer hardware. Or, you might envision a large, fully-functioning command center, equipped with telephones, computers, video surveillance equipment, software and hardware for monitoring flights, providing radar coverage, weather information and more. But what if you want to create a mobile command center, with the capabilities of a full-featured office? How can you do it? How much hardware do you need and how do you wire it? more info here
You will need a lot of hardware to set up a Mobile Command Center, and it will probably have multiple phone lines dedicated to your business. The good news is that most of this equipment is affordable and it will not cost you a fortune to set it all up. You also don’t have to buy each individual piece of hardware – it’s all included in the base price. There are also several companies that manufacture phones that are capable of being used as command centers as well. If you don’t want to spend the money on buying and installing hardware, then you can use an off-the-shelf model or a “knock-off” or “counterfeit” device. No one will be any the wiser!
Of course, you don’t want to choose a “knock-off” device, but they do exist. Just make sure to do a “little research” before you decide which company to go with and whether or not their products are certified by the Federal Trade Commission. In order to protect your company and your valuable assets, you have to make sure the company you chose meets all the necessary safety measures. There are many knock-offs out there, so be smart about choosing who your next command center is going to be from.