BLAINE Architects – Guide

Design of architecture is a technical and creative philosophy of constructing buildings and recognising different materials and ways of construction. The architect typically operates in coordination with the structure’s internal and external environment, but the outcome is catastrophic when plans challenge individual tastes and cultural expectations. The drab and indistinguishable towns lined with standardised box structures are an illustration of this – such as similar homes, industrial towers and high rises.Check out BLAINE Architects for more info.

Architectural language architecture implies the sum total of the development plan, the elevation, the segment, the figure, the proportion, the land, the size, the ratio to the calculation of external units and the grids. While we accept architecture as a medium of art, a keen mathematical and analytical comprehension of forms is an important concept in architectural design. We would have warped compositions and patterns without a mathematical hypothesis to direct us.

Style was characterised in solid, plain, massive styles, beginning with Romanesque architecture, graduating through the 11th century ribs and piers and on to the ideal form of Gothic architecture of the 13th century. The concepts and designs evolved with each century, varying from Baroque (17th century), Georgian (18th century), Classical and Gothic renaissance (19th century) to expressions of technology and modernist architecture (20th century), lending credence to the prophecy of doom of Victor Hugo that ‘the term would destroy stone.’

The explanation for those strong words was that it was art and architecture that provided voice to our artistic sensibilities before the popularity of visual media. The structures and buildings could illuminate the past of a town or region. With the Second World War, omnipresent media, mobility and economic wealth controlled the ground laws, allowing us see architectural projects varying from burlesque to grandiose to just plain basic. As developers switched to eco-friendly fabrics, the environmental depletion of natural resources turned our attention to environmentally conscious or ecological projects. Architectural projects have been case-sensitive – as a metaphor for neighbourhoods, houses or suburban complexes, they refer to nature.