Visit a Respected Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Recreational Marijuana is legal, but without a way to buy it legally. Until a few years ago, anyone over the age of 18 could walk into a government-facilitated marijuana store, and purchase one of hundreds of different strains of the cannabis plant. While each strain may contain slightly different amounts of THC (the substance that makes marijuana addictive), there are enough differences between them that it’s hard to imagine smoking two identical strains of bud. Unfortunately, the only way to legally buy marijuana right now., is through a special identification card, which is only offered to people who belong to the government’s Controlled Substances Control Board. Find additional information at Cannasseur Pueblo West

Fortunately, marijuana is not yet considered an illegal substance, so visitors to Washington D.C. who are caught smoking or ingesting it on public property will not face serious punishment. However, those who grow more than five plants can be arrested, put in jail, or both. And because of the way the laws on recreational cannabis are written, anyone caught selling or cultivating marijuana to a minor will be prosecuted under D.C.’s criminal code. This means that even users of recreational cannabis who are caught are still going to face punishment under federal law. As a result, a lot of D.C. residents are avoiding the weed by purchasing it from a licensed marijuana dispensary. A visit to a recreational cannabis dispensary is just like going to any other medical marijuana shop: you’ll have your face photographed, you’ll sign a consent form acknowledging that you’re aware of the use and possession of marijuana, and then you’ll be asked to pay a fee for your purchase.