Key Aspects Of Cryptocurrency

Despite the uncertainty and turmoil on the cryptocurrency market, besides peer-to – peer payments, cryptocurrency has dominated many verticals. This being said, it has countless applications in the real world. It would not really come as a shock if, despite the current development and expansion, crypto-currency takes over every industry in the foreseeable future.To find more info, visit site

The blockchain has opened new doors for him, according to a well-known blockchain entrepreneur and crypto evangelist. He says, “What cryptocurrency has done is an interesting thing. It has helped me contextualize my life, it has opened up new definitions for many business ideas. I could now connect dots and see the popular thread of all the undertakings I have created before.”

Cryptocurrency has not only changed one ‘s life but many. Let’s get a snapshot of a few industries which are involved in cryptocurrency transaction.

  1. Real Estate: Blockchain has made it possible to buy properties using cryptocurrency. is one such website that enables the purchasing and selling of Cryptocurrency properties. In addition, is another website that advertises homes that may be bought with bitcoin. Many people around the globe have set examples with bitcoin by buying their homes and land at different nooks and crannies of the planet.
  2. Travel industry: This is also one of the most exciting domains where the adoption of cryptocurrency. For example, we can find which has accepted bitcoins for hotel reservations, flights, cruises and car rentals since 2013. So a supported tour with bitcoin is no longer unlikely now.
  3. Education: In terms of accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, the education industry is not left behind too. The University of Nicosia in Cyprus has been accredited as the first educational institution through Bitpay to accept tuition fees and other charges in bitcoin. Eventually, The King’s College in New York, Cumbria University in the UK and Berlin ‘s European School of Management and Technology joined the group. The two recent additions are the Lucerne Applied Sciences and Arts University in Switzerland, and the FPT University in Vietnam.
  4. Gaming Industry: For software developers and publishers, Blockchain has introduced new opportunities. While some online games support cryptocurrency purchases, games such as the ORB project require its players to turn their in-game cash into digital assets.