Bed Bug Inspection- An Insight

You may have noticed itchy welts on the skin, blood stains on the sheet or in the house you suspect an insect is a bed bug. The first thing to do is to correctly identify the plague and do inspection of a bed bug. Inspect first the bedroom. The pests tend to remain as close to the host’s resting area as possible.

When you find that the infestation is serious after examining the bed the next spot to check is the space perimeter. In severe infestation, the pests tend to move to other locations away from the bed.Interested readers can find more information about them at Bed Bug Inspection-Organic Pest Control NYC

Inspect the room’s perimeter

  1. Remove and inspect all wall hangings (e.g. mirror, pictures, etc.)
  2. When framed photos or paintings are on the wall, remove the frames and check the paper covering inside and underneath.
  3. Check and peel paint behind loose wallpaper.
  4. Remove and carefully examine curtain rods.
  5. Test equipment on the walls beneath.
  6. Inspect all internal door frames for the toilet, wardrobe, and other door frames.
  7. Inspect per door within the bore hole for the lock.
  8. Inspect lights and fittings at the ceilings. If bed bugs are located in ceiling lights, they can mean that they travel from the upper floor unit.

They may be hiding under ceiling mouldings, in smoke detectors and in thermostats if you find bed bugs on the wall.

In an existing infestation, bed bugs can scatter across the room’s perimeter (walls, mouldings, and rugs) and hide on the floor and under the bed in clutter.

  1. Inspect mouldings to where the floor meets the walls next to the room. Swipe the crevice device behind mouldings in an upward direction to scare bed bugs out of the harbour.
  2. Fold the corners of the wall-to-wall carpet carefully back, then check for rats. Pay heed to fabric tack lines.
  3. Inspect rugs below the edges of areas.
  4. Remove and inspect behind them the electrical switch plate and outlet and telephone jack plate with a screw driver.