Sunscreen for Allergy to Sun – 4 Reasons to Use Mineral Sunscreen

As the calendar pages turn into the summer months, people begin to become more interested in activities outdoors. It’s a welcome respite to get out into the fresh air after being co-oped up during the cold of winter and early spring rain, but protecting your skin from harmful solar radiation is essential. You could save a few dollars by reaching out to the grocery store for one of those chemically loaded products, but you would be doing a great disservice for yourself. Here are four great reasons to use mineral sunscreen when heading outside. Click

A More Effective Barrier Against Harmful Rays

When you use an artificial sun block, you might think that the topical solution is preventing solar radiation from reaching your skin, but that’s not what’s actually happening. The ingredients in these products actually absorb rays and neutralize them, which isn’t the most efficient way to do things. An all natural sunscreen uses minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to form a barrier against the sun’s energy that actually stops those harmful emissions from entering your skin.

Fewer Allergens

If you take a look at the back of a bottle of artificial sun block, you might have a hard time pronouncing some of the active ingredients, and a few of them can cause nasty rashes and swelling at the application site if you’re allergic. Benzophenone is a material that absorbs and converts the solar rays into a less dangerous shape, but it is also a strong allergen. Mineral sunscreen forgets certain ingredients with naturally occurring compounds that are far less prone to induce adverse reactions.

Gentler on The Face

The main reason why you wear sun block is to protect your skin, so why would you apply a product that could have an undesirable impact? And though you don’t have an allergy, there are additives in chemical sunscreens that may obstruct the pores and worsen acne or other undesirable conditions. Use an all-natural sunscreen, you can feed your body with moisturizers and other ingredients that have a far more gentle calming effect.

Less Common Application

If you’ve ever spent an prolonged period of time hanging out at the beach or lake, you know what it’s like to reapply the sun block continuously. When it comes to chemical sunscreens, this is not due to sweating or water exposure. Over time, the ingredients in these substances break down and lose their effectiveness, which is why if you weren’t vigilant about reapplying regularly you may end up with a burn. Because natural formulas actually sit on top of your skin as a physical barrier against the rays of the sun, they are not absorbed and broken down by the chemical processes of your body, so that you can get a longer session from one application.

Get out and practice

These are just a few of the reasons why using mineral sunscreen during your outdoor activities makes sense but there are additional benefits to this decision. You will actually do your part to help the environment, as it has been shown that ingredients in some chemical sun blocks cause disease in coral reefs. When you find personal security standard paired with eco-friendliness, natural sunscreens only make sense.