Predatory Mortgage Companies

Once we purchased our house, I was the most happy person in the world. I would never have imagined we would become homeowners in a million years. Well we trusted our agent who seemed to want to help us get into this house we loved. We didn’t know much about the housing market, and how it worked. And our investigator lied literally through her teeth that she was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She got us into the house but what we didn’t talk about at the time was on her terms. She also asked us to move our stuff into the house and go ahead. And we had not signed papers or something. She promised us that we were going to get this house, she said the lord ordered her to help us get into this building. Okay, she did what she said she’d do. We’ve been approved for the loan with an AJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE — NEVER IN MY LIFE I’ll trust someone EVER after the nightmare my family went through and still goes through. At the very beginning we were being sold out.Learn more at Mortgage Companies Kansas City KS-Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation

Our 1st mortgage company was Ameriquest who sold us off to Option One out of CA, well our escrow money wasn’t sent when we were sold off any details was sent EVER to even tell us we were sold off in the meantime when we’re still sending our mortgage payment to AMERIQUEST, so out of the blue here comes a welcome letter in the mail asking us who our new mortgage company was which was Option One. So I just call to find out they didn’t receive the last 2 months of mortgage payments. So I clarified the situation and she was paying off the late fees levied by the CSR rep. I called Ameriquest to try to track the money, Ameriquest said that they had sent all the payments and the money to Option One, and now we’re playing the game I sent and I didn’t get it.

Next comes the foreclosure letter from Option One and we got refinanced after getting about 3 letters of that sort but for whatever reason we couldn’t get an FHA loan because, as explained to me and my husband, the ARM would be a better choice for us and after 4 years we could reapply and get refinanced at a fixed rate. I know that was a bunch of crap right now. The people out there in the real estate industry are full of garbage and for the middle class people who just want success in life they are not in the business. Sure we might not be in the upper class, maybe we don’t have perfect records, we don’t know the difference between a hard or soft loan, we don’t know we were selected as goals, but they do because that’s their company. We lived in our dream home for 6 years before the great move came to foreshadow the people who may have had a little money issue that stopped them from making a payment or two, but who still called and tried to make arrangements to get the payment in and sent the money as promised, but the mortgage companies had other plans for people like us — we didn’t know anything about this rape Yet our government did and they don’t give us two craps, all the thousands of homeless families and when they called their mortgage firms, no one was able to help them. All the thousands of homeowners who have had to find out what to do. We ‘re now renting out some tenants who don’t want to repair it get an attitude if we repair it, our reputation is toast, we ‘re arguing all the time and our old house is still empty. What you have to do is foreclosed land Google, where did all of those families go? Why do kids adjust? I know the people who are losing their homes need support, but the thousands of families who have lost their homes do likewise.