Installing Roof Deck Protection – Deck Armor

It is important to know, when installing deck protection, that there are two types of seams a side lap is the horizontal lap and the vertical lap is the end lap. Cut the Deck Armor roof leak barrier underlaying, using a straight blade. Deck Armor uses a revolutionary breathable technology that helps prevent the trapping of moisture inside the roofing system. Though stronger than # 30 lb, it is tear resistant. Thought. Thought. The 37 lb rolls are lighter and easier to handle than a # 15 lb, because it’s very light weight. Or Thought # 30 lb.I strongly suggest you to visit deck protection to learn more about this.

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It has a UV stability which can withstand 180 days of UV light degradation. Exceptional walking skill, special surface resistant to slips. Barrier deck armor leakage Comes in ten squares per roll. There are other benefits to the installer: it is light weight and the installer can handle it very quickly. Save time on installation and labor which in the long run saves money. Underlaying of top quality roofing reduces the call-backs on the leak barrier itself. Has stood up to 180 days of UV degradation. Deck Armor roof deck protection is a great alternative to underlay protection for the Shingle-Mate roof.

In order to prepare the deck properly the installer must follow all applications. Clean the deck first, remove all debris or protruding fasteners that can cause leaks. Repair or replace any damaged wood or rooted sections before installing premium protective roof deck. The deck must be dry to help keep the deck from buckling which can cause the deck to fall and damage to the primary roof cover. Install the barrier to leak where necessary. Weather Watch or Storm Guard are excellent options. Ideally this involves eaves, slope, rakes, skylights, dormers and other susceptible areas of leakage. Lay out Deck Armor and add it parallel to the eave. Install lie flat, nail flat without any wrinkles and stop stretching during the installation process.

Fasten Deck Armor with plastic cap nails or plastic cap staples for all applications, in compliance with correct installation instructions. Fasten 12 “side and end laps on center. Fasten 24” spaced on center in the roll field with staggered 2 rows of fasteners.