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Health Problems With Your Rottweiler

When it comes to your Rottweiler’s health issues, there are various potential ailments that can catch you and your rottweiler puppy off guard. The outcomes can be both emotionally crushing and expensive if they are not dealt with promptly and effectively. Instead of responding to potential health issues as they arrive, discover what you can do to avoid them in the first place and keep your Rottweiler happy and healthy. Visit

Possible Rottweiler Health Problems

Rottweilers can suffer from any number of health issues, the same as human beings. The difference is that your rottweiler cannot tell you “I have a stomach ache”. They will often suffer in silence until there is a very real physical pain that needs to be treated. So, it’s essential to know the symptoms and the actions you can take to avoid these problems in the first place.

Infections – Rottweilers can suffer from a variety of nasty infections, on their skin, in their ears, in their eyes and their teeth. Ear infections are the most common and are often due to a foreign body or bacteria getting in there. Check your rottweilers ears repeatedly for red spots, swelling, surplus moisture, or dirt. Of all rottweiler health problems, infections are the easiest to prevent. Clean your rottweilers eyes, brush their teeth and brush their coats regularly to avoid any possible bacteria build up.

Allergies – Rottweilers just like humans can have many forms of allergies. By far the most common is a flea allergy that can cause hot spots and result in infections. Make sure you get flea medication for your rottweiler every month and have a vet check them frequently to assure they are healthy and happy. Additionally, if their skin problems lead to ear infections or other hot spots, it may be a food allergy – a more acute issue that should be looked at by a veterinarian.

Diabetes – Dog health problems tend to mirror human issues in several ways and diabetes is one such possible disease. Highly rich, fatty and sugary foods can result in pancreatic issues that lead to diabetes. To avoid diabetes, keep your rottweiler on a strict diet of dog foods with minimal table scraps or excess meals. If your rottweiler is diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll need to see a vet frequently and may need to administer regular shots.

Arthritis and Dysplasia – Rottweilers can be highly susceptible to joint problems like a lot of large breeds. Pure breds especially have a long history of arthritic dog health problems because of their longer, narrower joints and heavier frames. Make sure your rottweiler receives the essential vitamins and minerals it needs every day and that your vet checks the joints for degeneration at least once a year.