A Background In GMP QA Labels

Shipping stickers go a fair way to safeguarding the products. They are those little labels that are placed on mailed, couriered, or air-sent packets. There are different kinds of labels, each one conveying a unique message, depending on the type of package you are shipping. Such a mark will usually contain details such as the name and address of the user, and the box contents. gmp QA Labels has some nice tips on this.

Let’s have a look at several forms of shipping labels widely used in different parts of the world:

Arrow marks: The arrow instructions written on the labels suggest what side of the box should be pointing upwards. These marks are often used for electrical , electronic or industrial products.

Fragile marks: These labels are used to suggest the box contents are fragile and should be treated with caution. For example, if a glass item is contained in the package it needs to be handled gently enough to reach the destination intact. Fragile labels thus play an important role in the process of easily broken items being shipped. Such labels also need to be striking enough for easy visibility; they are often printed in bright colours.

International shipping label: Taking into account the expanding global trade such brands are constantly being used. Every day millions of parcels are shipped from one nation to another. This type of label contains a general description of package contents and whether the product needs to be protected against extreme changes in temperature. Such a mark often shows information concerning the item’s fragility, if any.

Dot stickers: These marks indicate whether a package’s contents are flammable, corrosive, toxic, poisonous etc. Such labels are extremely important and the absence of the same could put life and property at risk. These stickers are therefore also written in bright colors, and have bold text. Shipping labels are important because they help post offices know exactly where to deliver the package. Often, these stickers mean the order is shipped with the kind of care it needs. Without these labels the postman would almost be unable to know anything about your parcels.